Bus Stop Suspensions

The list below contains details of Bus Stop suspensions where we have been advised work will be taking place meaning the stop is not in use.

August 2019

Mill Lane, South Chailey (121, 168) Northbound bus stop suspended 14th – 28th August, a temporary bus stop has been provided to the south of Mill Lane.

September 2019

Gun Road, Blackboys (231) East and Westbound stops will be suspended between 2nd and 6th September, temporary bus stops will be provided to the west.

December 2019

Hoewood, Shoreham Road, Smalldole (100, 106) Bus stops suspended between 9:30 and 16:30 on Wednesday 4th December, intending passengers for services towards Steyning should wait to the south of the roadworks, intending passengers for services towards Henfield wait in to the north of the roadworks. In both cases passengers should wait in a safe position on the pavement where they can be clearly seen and signal clearly to the driver.