East Sussex Fare Increases April 2015

Customer Notice

Fares Increases East Sussex Routes with effect from April 20th

As set out in the Council’s proposals, we regret that fares will have to be increased by up to 30% as a result of the significant reduction in bus funding. This is the only way the services can be continued.
Some fares are unchanged and others are increased by smaller amounts but as the funding has previously been used to keep fares low, many fares on former “Rider” routes will see higher increases but capped at 30%. However in most cases they will still be below those charged for similar length journeys in neighbouring counties.

Adult PAPER City Saver and Network Tickets will be both issued and accepted as follows:
All services Lewes Town area bounded by Nevil Estate and Malling Down, routes 123,129,and 145 throughout, Seaford Town area routes 119,120 and 126.
NO other Saver Tickets (including Scratchcard versions) valid.

The new Multi – Operator Discovery Ticket now fully replaces the old Explorer ticket in East Sussex as in other counties and Explorer tickets are no longer issued/accepted.