Ford Transit

Ford Transit C23NVV
© Mike Penn 

Ford Transit BDVTET75966 Carlyle CBS43 Dormobile Shell 3468 924 85 B16F
One of a batch of 7 originally order by Devon General, originally registered B23HRP.
New to United Counties, Luton (fleet no 23) December 1985.
Sold to Houston Ramm, Heywood (dealer) 1992.
Purchased by G Mayne, Buckie.
Purchased by Compass November 1996.
Sold to J & M Mini Buses, Treorchy April 1997.
Reported as derelict May 2006.
Pictured above in Hoppenstopper branding on 13 June 1992, below after transfer to Luton & District on 25 April 1987 and bottom just after entering service with United Counties on 21 December 1985. Many thanks to Mike Penn for his kind permission to use these photographs.

Ford Transit C23NVV
© Mike Penn
Ford Transit C23NVV
© Mike Penn


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