MCW Metrorider

MCW MetroRider F51RFS
© Cliff Baker

MCW Metrorider MF1 150/98 MB9660 DP25F
First of a batch of 20 purchased new by Fife Scottish (fleet no 51) August 1988 (as B25F).
Purchased by Bluebird Buses, Aberdeen (fleet no 242) January 1995.
Purchased by A1 Service, Ayr (fleet no 284) December 1995.
Transferred to Western Scottish Buses, Kilmarnock (fleet no 284) July 1997.
Sold to Houston Ramm, Heywood (dealer) October 1997.
Purchased by Compass Travel November 1997.
Sold to Huxleys, Threapwood July 2001.
Scrapped March 2003.
Pictured above on layover in Union Place, Worthing, following a duty on service 5B on 15 April 2000.


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