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Transbus Dart GX54AWH

Transbus Dart SFD6BACR44GW17754 Alexander 3086/4 SLF B29F+17
Purchased new January 2005.
Sold to Southdown PSV (dealer), Copthorne 17 October 2011.
Subsequently one of five vehicles on hire to Compass, to provide additional vehicles for new East Sussex contracts whilst new deliveries awaited, from 17 May 2012.
Returned to Southdown PSV (dealer), Copthorne 7 August 2012.
Reloaned back to Compass October 2012.
Returned to Southdown PSC (dealer), Copthorne 14 November 2013.
Seen above in Durrington yard on its return to Compass on 17 May, below in Steyning on 8 December 2008 after digital destination screens have been fitted, and bottom pulling away from Storrington Bus Stand on Service 100.

Transbus Dart GX54AWH
Transbus Dart GX54AWH


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