Volvo B10M-61 KIW4391 (B494GBD)
 © Cliff Baker
KIW 4391

Volvo B10M-61 8092 Jonckheere 19133 C51Ft
One of a batch of 5 new to Len Wright Travel, Isleworth May 1985 as B491 GBD.
Purchased by Cedric Coaches, Wivenhoe (fleet no 20) June 1988. Re-registered KIW 4391 February 1990.
Purchased by Pavilion Coaches, Hove April 1997.
Purchased by Compass May 2002.
Sold by June 2003.
Purchased by Longmynd Travel, Shrewsbury June 2004.
Seen above in Grinstead Lane, Lancing on 29 January 2003.


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