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Dennis Dart L718 OMV
L718 OMV

Dennis Dart 9.8SDL3032/1822 Plaxton 9410HXN2371 B35F+22
New to Metrobus (fleet no 718) April 1994. To training fleet (no 7718) October 2003.
Bought by Compass July 2004 for use on Service 40.
Seen above at Burgess Hill on service 40, heading for Churchill Square.
Transferred with sale of Burgess Hill operations to Countryliner Coaches (fleet no DS14) 3 April 2006.
Subsequently returned on loan from Countryliner for a short period in August 2007 (replacing L719 OMV briefly) to cover the Sainsbury's contract (pictured below).

Dennis Dart L718OMV on loan from Countryliner Coaches


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