Optare Solo

Optare Solo MX54KXR

Optare Solo M920 SAB19000000001368 Oe 191368 B31F+22
9.2m standard width (2.5m) chassis.
One of two new to Shetland Islands Council, Lerwick, as B29F October 2004.
On hire to Perrymans, Berwick 2007.
With Speedwell Buses, Glossop, 2008.
Purchased by Compass 19 March 2009.
Pictured above at Worthing Pier on 20 April in Compass livery, below in Durrington depot on 9 April after the digital destination was fitted, underneath at Sainsbury's, Lyons Farm on Service 16 on its first day in service 27 March 2009, and bottom in Durrington depot shortly after purchase.

Optare Solo MX54KXR after fitting of digital destination screens
Optare Solo MX54KXR
Optare Solo MX54KXR


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