Dennis Enviro300

Transbus Enviro300 NX55NWK

Transbus Enviro300 SFD113AR14GG10170 SLF TransBus 3092/1 B44F+27
New to Minerva Accord for Uni-Link, Southampton, (fleet no 39) September 2005.
To Huntingdon & District August 2006.
Acquired by "Stagecoach in the Fens" retaining Huntingdon & District livery, (fleet no 27585) March 2008.
Stored out of service by August 2009.
Purchased by Compass for Holmbush Express contract 19 February 2010.
Seen above on 20 September after reverting into standard Compass livery, below on 24 February in Durrington depot in Holmbush Express livery and, bettom, when in service with Minerva Accord during 2005.

Transbus Enviro300 NX55NWK
Transbus Enviro300 NX55NWK
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