Dennis / Transbus Darts

Transbus Demonstrator T342 PNV
T342 PNV

Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13765 Alexander/Plaxton Pointer II 9910.7HLB1795 B37F
New to Bus Eireann as 99-D-80588 (Fleet no DPL20) April 1999.
On hire to Norbus, Kirky November 2002 - April 2003, and Chester City Transport in November 2003 (43).
Demonstrator on loan to Compass from April 2006.
Seen here at Bolney depot.
Subsequently to Shamrock/Thomas of Barry, South Wales.
To Cavendish (Renown) Eastbourne July 2008.
Pictured above at Hickstead Depot during April 2006, and below with Cavendish in Eastbourne 6 March 2009.

Dennis Dart T342PNV in service with Cavendish, Eastbourne
© Cliff Baker


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