Optare Metrorider

Optare MetroRider T422 AVG
T422 ADN

Optare Metrorider Series 4 2320 MRR VN2320 DP33F+0
New June 1999 - Optare, Crossgates as DP29F.
Demonstrator, on loan to Tillingbourne June 2000.
Returned off-loan August 2000, on loan to Surrey Buses December 2000.
Purchased by Compass,
Stored out of service from 18 June 2013.
Sold 31 July 2013.
Seen here in Durrington depot on repainting into dual purpose livery on 17 September 2010 and, below, in Worthing Town Centre on Service 12 (route merged with Service 14 and subsequently combined with the 13 to become service 16).

Optare MetroRider T422 AVG


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