New West Sussex and Surrey Timetable from 1st September 2014

Our new timetables start on 1st September and we have made a number of improvements.
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We are pleased to have taken over routes 66, 66A, 67, serving various villages and estates around  Bognor Regis and have introduced an improved timetable reinstating an hourly service on the main 66 route for most of the day. The time-consuming diversion via Glenwood has now been given its own  dedicated route (66A) with more journeys at main shopping times. We have also made considerable improvements to the 85/85A timetable and reinstated several additional direct journeys to and from  Worthing. This now gives a direct service linking Worthing, Arundel and Chichester several times a day.

Our long route 100 has been suffering from delays recently which has caused late running and so we  are introducing a revised timetable with increased running time to improve reliability. Sadly we have had to cease operation of route 70 in Horsham since the service is no longer financially viable and there are generally other alternative services available.

What’s changed from Monday 1st September 2014:     

19: Minor timing changes to improve reliability.

42: Revised timetable incorporating measures to improve reliability. Journeys serving Loxwood, Ifold, Plaistow   will now run additionally on Saturdays.

66, 66A, 67: Services in Bognor area taken over from previous operator. New improved timetables.

70: Service withdrawn.

74, 74A, 75: Timing changes with improved service for Thakeham. Afternoon bus no longer via Rydon School.

85, 85A: Timetable considerably improved with more through journeys to and from Worthing.

93, 96: Revised timetables, incorporating previous route 97. Improved Friday service on route 93.

100: Timing changes to improve reliability.

106: Minor timetable changes.

107: New school service to Chichester High School.

150: Revised timetable. School journey extended to Itchenor Cross Roads.

X3: Tesco Holmbush service extended to start at Burgess Hill Queen Elizabeth Avenue.

The following school bus services have now been taken over by other operators: 103, 677, 737
A new West Sussex and Surrey Timetable Book is now available.                                           
Please note that there is no new timetable book for East Sussex for September 2014;  The East Sussex book dated April 2014 is still valid until April 2015.

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