Coronavirus and travelling with us…

Compass Travel is doing everything it can to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) within the bus depots and on the buses and coaches themselves.

We have increased our cleaning and changed our procedures to make sure we do everything reasonably possible to protect our employees and customers.

We have closed off the front seats on all our buses to give our staff the social distance required and fitted spit guards to the driver cab area.


However, we would ask customers to do their bit as well…

Is your journey necessary?

To help keep yourself and your fellow passengers safe, you should not travel if you:

Before you travel, consider if your journey is necessary and if you can, stay local. Try to reduce your travel. This will help keep the transport network running and allow people who need to make essential journeys to travel. You can reduce your travel by:

  • working from home where possible
  • shopping less frequently and shopping locally


Face Coverings

In line with guidance from the Government, if you can you must wear a face covering on public transport, this can be a mask, scarf, snood, bandana or even something you can make out of an old t-shirt.

Passengers should be aware that for those who can, the wearing of a face covering is a legal requirement and the Police may enforce this with fines. Bus drivers will not be responsible for enforcing this, requiring proof or issuing fines.

For full details please read our guide to face coverings here


Social Distancing

Try and sit 2 metres apart so one person to a seat, at least every other seat. Do not use the seats immediately behind the driver or stand near the drivers area.


One Person at a time boarding

Only one person should stand on the entrance platform at a time, please do not board until the previous passenger has moved along the bus.


Pay by contactless

Use contactless cards or mobiles to pay, we accept both Apple Pay and Google Pay. Please use cash as a last resort.


Cough or sneeze hygienically

If you need to cough or sneeze do this into a tissue and then dispose of the tissue safely when you get off the bus, if you don’t have a tissue then do this into the inside of your arm.


Don’t travel unwell

If you feel unwell, please do not travel. If you have Coronavirus-like symptoms follow the NHS 111-online advise or call 111.


Wash your hands

Use soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser, before and after traveling.


Please do stay up to date with the latest official advice on the NHS website and on the GOV.UK website.


Please click here for information on our temporary bus timetables which override all our normal services.