Bus Stops: Buses will stop on request at all recognised bus stops. In country areas, buses will stop anywhere it is safe to do so in response to a clear signal being given to the driver. It is recommended that passengers wear an item of high visibility clothing if waiting in the dark at undesignated stops. Passengers wait at undesignated stops at their own risk.

Discovery cropDiscovery Tickets: These day tickets can be purchased from bus drivers and provide unlimited travel on Compass Bus services as well as most other bus operators’ routes in South East England (not valid on London Buses). Please click here for full information.

Weekly tickets: These are available from bus drivers on services which operate Monday to Friday/Saturday/Sunday, giving discounted unlimited travel between any two specific points on a route.

Concessionary Fares: Click for details

Please call our office on 01903 690025 for further information on Concessionary Travel Cards.

umbrellaLost Property: We regret that the Company cannot he held responsible for any items of property left on its vehicles. Any items found will normally be held at our Worthing office for collection.

Days of Operation: Some bus services in this timetable only operate on certain days of the week. Please check carefully the days of operation noted on each timetable. Services shown in this timetable do not operate on Bank Holidays, unless specified. Special arrangements apply at Christmas and New Year.

Health and Safety Restrictions: In the interests of comfort, health and safety, and to keep our buses clean and tidy, we do not permit eating or drinking on our buses. Smoking is not permitted by law on our buses or in most bus shelters. Inflammable materials cannot be carried on our vehicles.

Compass Bus Timetables: The services on this website are a comprehensive local bus network throughout Brighton, East & West Sussex and into Surrey, operated by Compass Bus. Printed booklets are available from information offices, libraries or our Worthing office – call us on 01903 690025, or email us at for a copy to be posted to you free of charge.

Domestic Pets: Domestic pets may be carried at the discretion of the driver. Dogs are not allowed on seats, and must be kept under full control on a leash at all times. All other pets must be carried in a suitable pet carrier. Pets must not be allowed to cause a nuisance to other passengers. Assistance dogs will always be allowed to accompany their owners.

Please lower the rampHelping Hand: Compass is part of the Helping Hand scheme.  Click for details.

Wheelchairs: Most manually propelled wheelchairs are welcomed aboard Compass buses (subject to available space). These MUST be positioned in the designated space, facing backwards, reversed against the backrest. Brakes must be applied and safety rails can be held for extra security and comfort.

Please note: there is no legal requirement for other passengers to vacate the wheelchair space. Our drivers will ask them to do so but can only rely on their polite consideration and cooperation. Due to weight restrictions and limited space aboard a bus, only certain types of wheelchairs can legally be carried. Standard sized manually propelled and battery powered wheelchairs can be accepted. We are unable to carry mobility scooters or wheelchairs which are larger than a standard manually propelled one.

Prams, Pushchairs & Buggies: can be carried aboard our buses, subject to available space. These should be folded and placed in the luggage rack if at all possible and the child/baby carried securely by a seated adult. A child who remains in the pushchair/buggy must be secured using the built-in harness. The pram/pushchair/buggy must be placed safely, with the brakes applied, in such a way as to not obstruct the aisle.

Please note: Passengers may be asked to vacate the wheelchair space and/or front seats for less able people.

lescinqailes-bicycle-800pxBicycles & Scooters: The following ARE permitted, subject to space, aboard our buses: Folding bicycles & scooters. These must be folded and stowed safely in the luggage rack. Small children’s bicycles & scooters – stowed safely in the luggage rack.

We regret we CANNOT carry non-folding adult/teen bicycles or scooters or electrically propelled bikes/scooters.

Website Terms: Every effort is made to ensure that the information available on this website is correct at the time of updating. Compass Travel (Sussex) Ltd cannot be responsible for any loss from the use of, or reliance on, the information published herein.

School Days / Non School Days: On Mondays – Fridays, some journeys on certain services vary depending on whether or not that day is a School Day. Unless stated to the contrary, for these purposes days within the dates below are deemed to be School Days during the current academic year:

Autumn Term 4th September – 20th December 2019 (half term 28 Oct-1 Nov)

Spring Term 6th January – 21st February 2020 (half term 17th-21st Feb)

Summer Term 20th April – 22nd July (half term 25th-29th May)

East Sussex
Autumn Term 4th September – 20th December 2019 (half term 28 Oct-1 Nov)

Spring Term 6th January – 3rd April (half term 17th-21st Feb)

Summer Term 20th April – 22nd July (half term 25th-29th May)

West Sussex
Autumn Term 2 Sept – 20 Dec 2019 (half term 28 Oct-1 Nov)

Spring Term 6th January – 3rd April (half term 17th-21st Feb)

Summer Term 20th April – 20th July (half term 25th-29th May)

(Source: West Sussex County Council)

The above information is based on West Sussex term dates, and may be subject to change. If you have any queries or wish to check to operation of any of these services, please telephone the office.

For further information please telephone 01903 690025
Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00

e mail

Compass Bus is the trading name of Compass Travel (Sussex) Ltd.,
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